All Girls Can is an online clothing company located in Atlanta, GA and focused on delivering empowering and inspiring messages to girls. 
It was started by Sara Dewitt, a Marketing and Sales Executive and Mom to twin girls. She is so passionately against the negative messages being sent to our girls every day by their clothing choices, media and entertainment, that she decided to take matters into her own hands. She believes that a t-shirt can be more than just something to wear if the message can change the way a little girl sees her place in the world. 
The message of All Girls Can is simple: 


Strong Girls = Strong World.

Teach our girls how to have confidence and give them the freedom to express themselves and we will all benefit from a world with stronger more empowered girls.

It is important to raise confident girls who know how to speak up for what they want in life. The message that ALL GIRLS CAN be anyone they choose, do anything they put their mind to and make a difference in our world is an important one that needs to weave itself into the fabric of everything we communicate to girls starting with their clothes.

As a Mom to twin girls, the idea that a shirt can be more than just a clothing choice is what our owner is most passionate about. She works to empower her girls every day and build up their self esteem but it's also important to have clothing choices for them that help drive that message home and give more variety than what we see every day.

Audrey & Eva
Audrey & Eva


Audrey & Eva
Audrey & Eva


The current clothing choices for girls in mainstream stores are the opposite of inclusive and companies like ours need to challenge those choices. There is no reason why the choices for girls should be only pink and purple sparkly hearts, flowers and rainbows and the choices for boys should be blue and green with sports, dinosaur, truck and space themes. Let's shake up those gender cliches especially when it comes to limiting our girls.

It has been proven repeatedly through research that girls are much less likely to speak up in class, to want to be the leaders for class projects, and to volunteer for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) clubs and activities. Girls are still dumbing down their behavior every day to “impress” the boys with how silly and “girly” they can be. All Girls Can wants to spread empowering messages to help girls feel strong and confident about what they like and what they want in life.

What we also realized is that when you create shirts with empowering messages and use colors that aren’t gender specific, you end up with some pretty great unisex designs! Although we do feel the initial focus of All Girls Can is to inspire confidence and self esteem in girls, we are excited that we will have plenty of options that boys will love to wear too! Our dreams are big for this business and we would love to create inspiring shirts for ALL and with your help, we will be on our way to doing just that!

For us here at All Girls Can, if we can make a cute shirt that a little girl or boy loves to wear, it’s a job well done. If we can make a cute shirt that also makes them hold their head a little higher because the message on their shirt makes them feel confident and unstoppable....

Then this business will be successful in the most meaningful way there is.

Thanks to each one of you for visiting!

-Sara Dewitt, Owner, All Girls Can

Sara Dewitt, Owner, All Girls Can


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